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Artigo 19 & Global Health

Mapa Aborto Legal
Legal Abortion Map


Artigo 19 e Global Health

Mapa Aborto Legal/ Legal Abortion Map

Most things that need to be discussed more can be considered taboo by society in general, making those topics difficult to approach. 
That is the case of Legal Abortion Map, a project dedicated to guiding and helping women understand, pursue and procure their rights regarding legal abortion. 
At the request of Global Health and in partnership with Article 19, we illustrated in a didactic and educational way how to use the project’s platform, which lists legal abortion clinics in Brazil, along with their locations.
The world still has a long way to go when it comes to women’s rights (especially abortion), but we were proud to be part of a project that not only brings light to such topics, but also maps potential options to choose from, or even just in order to be informed about.

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