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Our first project with NETFLIX, this was a big one. We created a visual identity top to bottom, start to finish.
The crime that is analyzed and dissected in the documentary was huge in Brazil, and broadly talked about in the news. Since everyone knows about the Central Bank robbery, it was really interesting getting to check out the behind the scenes of this documentary series.

3 Tons

Because we created the whole visual identity for the project, it was really important for us to have the creative freedom to work with Mixer and make something that was up to the mark.
Netflix is a pioneer in many fields, so we had to learn about a lot of new tools and techniques that are not yet commonly used in Brazil when participating in this project.

Project Process

All our effort was worth it: Since this project was ranked top 1 in Brazil during its debut, a lot of people got to know our work because of it.

Graphic Package

Client: Netflix

Produced by: Mixer Films

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Directors: Daniel Bílio, Nikolas Fonseca and Rodrigo Astiz

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Art and Motion Director: Gabriel Ramos (Gramosh)

Motion: Tayllan Soares

Producer: Letícia Mello

Writing: Daniel Billio

Produced by: Maurício Hirata, Iris Sodré, Marcos Tardin, Rodrigo Astiz, Adriana Marques

Music: Diogo Poças

Cinematography: Renato Passarelli, Alexandre Samori

Editing: Rodrigo Augusto, Alessandra Iglesias 

Production Design:  Jenny Schauff

Set Decoration: Dárida Faggi

Costume Design: Fernanda Kenan

Assistant Director: Yara Guzman, Ian Okamoto Oda

Camera and Electrical Department: Fernando Augusto, Marcinho

Ademir Nascimento, Leandro Sabonete, Felipe Selles

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