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“Santa: A story of diversity” is a Christmas campaign that brings the story of Ubirajara, the first black man to take the role of mall Santa in Brazil. This project hits home for us because we highly value diversity and ethics, and believe that representation of people of color is vastly important, especially when it comes to such a known and loved character as Santa Claus, so we made an effort to convey a positive message of affection and acceptance.

O Boticário

Santa Claus: A Story of Diversity

For this project, we worked with motion graphics to apply several collage techniques, and used a lot of different pictures and elements to carry an overtone of diversity. In the year of 2020, the “new normal” deprived us from sharing important moments with people we love, and we took this opportunity to review our standards.


Client: O Boticário

Produced by: Paranoid

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Director: Jessica Queiroz

Still Photographer: Lucas Raion

Post production coordenator: Carol Fernandes

Producer: Mayara Nogueira

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Art e Motion Director: Thais Macedo

Motion Graphics: Carina Oliveira

Animation Assistant: Natalia Penque

Producer: Letícia Melo

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