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ClearSale is a fraud management and chargeback protection services company for e-commerce, and they trusted us to create the animation for an explainer video to show how safe their product really is.


We made the choice to create the animation as a mix of 2D traditional animation techniques with motion graphics in order to make the story more personal to the viewer while still maintaining the "tech" aspect of the product, which was very important for the company. We chose to work with colors and shadows so that the viewer would automatically know who to trust and could easily associate the company with clarity and safety.

Project Process

We had to make it cristal clear that the antagonist character was bad, invasive and obscure, so we made the choice to work with contrast. We used "negative" and "positive", black and white, and light and shadow to achieve that feeling of clear safety and trust versus muddiness and lack of good intentions.


Client: Clearsale

Produced by: Hilda Motion

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Character Design: Deniz

2D Animation: Deniz

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Motion Graphics: Thaís Macedo, Prisma

Producer: Letícia Mello

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