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Throughout three months, we animated some of Laertes's and her son Rafa Coutinho's comic strips for the Lawyer's day.
This Project celebrated it's first edition last year, when Rafa and Laerte illustrated 21 beautiful strip comics. This year, though, they wanted something different and special, so we were called to animate the strips.

Dia do Advogado

Translating 21 comic strips into animation was a big challenge, but it’s super satisfying to see it completed.
Bringing Laerte’s and Rafa's characters to life was a super fun job that we loved to do. Another big challenge we faced was trying to simplify complex legal jargon, but we were able to come up with smart choices to make content easy to understand and fun to watch.

Project Process

To transform the comics into animation, we created our own art direction, but we couldn't have done it without the original illustrators. Laerte and Rafa are Brazilian cartoonists, who are mother and son. Both have worked together several times, and are considered two of the most important artists in the field in the country. Laerte is also transgender, and her and Rafa are strong advocates for trans rights in Brazil, which very much aligns with our core values. It was super fun to work with artists that we admire so much, and we were honored to do so.


Client: Nelson Williams

Art: Laerte e Rafa Coutinho

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Produced by: Hilda Motion

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Art and Motions Graphics Director: Thais Macedo

Motion Graphics: Iagueira

2D Animation: Deniz, Zanatta, Jojoy, Paulo Henrique

Additional Illustrations: Sandro, Bia Caliari

Audio: Vinicin and Tom Stracke

Vozes: Tai Veroto, Bárbara Lins

Producer: Letícia Mello

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