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“Dutch” is a song by Lyranda Aalece, for which we had the pleasure of making a video clip, and we are extremely proud of the result.


Lyranda Aelece 

It was amazing to have total creative freedom, and be able to fully come up with a concept and a story for the project. We decided to create a futuristic aesthetic and also an emotionally expressive final result with maximized intensity.

Project Process

Though the clip has a futuristic look to it, the theme discussed in the song is timeless: the hardships of relationships and making emotional connections.


Client: LyRanda

Produced by: Hilda Motion

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Music: LyRanda

Head of Animation: Baboo Matsusaki

2D Animation and Art Director: Pola

2D Animator: Deniz

3D Animator: Tom Stracke

Motion Graphics: Gabriel Ramos (Gramosh), Priscila Assunção, Tayllan Soares

Character Design: Pola Lucas and Deniz

Script: Baboo Matsusaki, Deniz e Pola

Storyboard and Animatic: Deniz

Houdini: Thomas Honda

Animation Assistant: Jojoy 

Producer: Pola Lucas

Executive Producer: Letícia Mello and Baboo Matsusaki

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