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This campaign consisted of interviews with different people speaking on the subject of diversity in the workplace, which is a prevalent and important topic that affects the lives of billions, and though many companies talk about diversity when it is expected of them, most don’t put the discussion into practice when hiring.

Facebook Latam Season

We believe that business success is closely related to innovation and creativity, which is proven to be much more easily achieved if you have a diverse team that has a lot of different mindsets and experiences.
As a company, we think that diversity needs to be not only discussed more openly, but also expected from the workplace, and this is the ideal that we strive towards.

Project Process

Several artists with different styles and nationalities from South America were called to participate on this project, and it was a big and exciting challenge for us, since we had to adapt - into 2D/3D animation - illustrations of artists who were not used to animation at all.


Client: Facebook

Produced by: O2

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Direction: Fernanda Frazão, Ale Pellegrino

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Ilustration: Vilson Vicente, Cris Ly, Florencia Rigiroli, Celina Huus, Deniz, Femimutancia

2D Animation: Deniz
3D Animation: Tom Stracke

Producer: Leticia Mello

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