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Formigueiro (Anthill) is a documentary about about Brazilian women's struggles for the rights to their bodies and territories, in all of their diversity. As a company founded by a queer woman, we were ecstatic to be able to work on a project like this.


We used collage techniques to explore all of the different elements we had from the documentary as much as possible, while helping to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

Project Process

Client: Formigueiro

Produced By: Maria Baderna Filmes

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Directors: Tica Moreno and Bruna Provazi

Script: Bruna Provazi e Julia Gimenes

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Art and Motion Graphics Director: Thais Macedo

Motion: Bianca Calliari

Producer: Baboo Matsusaki, Thaís Macedo

Script Consulting: Iana Cossoy Paro

Argument: Bruna Provazi  

Executiv Production: Tica Moreno 

Editing: Julia Gimenes e Yasmin Thomaz 

Images: Bruna Provazi, Felipe Manoel Fernandes, Tica Moreno e Yasmin Thomaz 

Direct Sound: Ana Paula Farias Rocha, Bruna Provazi, Felipe Manoel Fernandes, Tica Moreno, Yasmin Thomaz e Sônia Maria dos Santos Sound Editing and Mixing: Helena Duarte 

Original Soundtrack: Trilheiras 

Conform and Color: Felipe Manoel Fernandes 

Finalization: Yasmin Thomaz 

Poster: Maiara Sipoli e Vinnie Campos

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