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Friozinho is Pernambucanas’ famous mascot, which every Brazilian has seen on television at least once. The brand wanted to re-establish the character and give it a fresh feel, so breathing life back into such a big icon of TV commercials was our challenge in this project.


We had the pleasure of creating three episodes for the Friozinho season on Youtube.
The most exciting episode for us was certainly the one we did for CCXP: Inspired by the event's theme, it was a lot of fun getting to play superhero.

Project Process

This was already an established series with its own characters, but it was fun to continue it and have creative freedom to invent different looks for Friozinho and their friends when it came to special episodes, such as Christmas and Comic Con!


Client: Pernambucanas

Produced by: Wunderman Thompson

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Audio: Jacarandá

Directors: Baboo Matsusaki, Paulo H. Rodrigues

Art and Animation Director: Paulo H. Rodrigues

Producer: Letícia Melo

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