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The Glass Doll (2022) is a 2D animated short film written and directed by Omorose Osagie, produced by Clara Salameh, and whose animation director was Baboo Matsusaki.
The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world of abandoned toys, where a broken porcelain doll, that repairs other broken toys for a living, must decide between giving up her closest friend or fixing herself.
*Right now the short film is circulating through festivals, so at this moment we can only divulge the teaser.

Glass Doll

This was a project that we put a lot of work into the details to create intricate scenarios, backgrounds, expressions and emotions.

Project Process

It was really important for the short to have an elaborate background in order to give the viewer a sensation of being in a forgotten place, full of "broken" characters. To help with that "old and forgotten" vibe, we worked with digital painting, referencing an older style of animation.


Produced by: Clara Salameh

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Written and Directed by: Omorose Osagie

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki
Animation Coordinator:  Gabriel Zanatta
Storyboard and Background Artist: Alessandro De Sá
Concept Artist: Deniz, Misha Sung
2D Animation: Gabriel Zanatta, Deniz, Jojoy

Storyboard: Bri Little

Background Concept Artist: Xenya Dominguéz
Motion Graphics:
Priscila Assunção
Producer: Letícia Mello

Assistant Producer: Natália Penque

Editing: Melissa Lam

Sound Editing: Berke Gülbakan

Composer: Diego Guzman

Sound Designer and Re-recorning Mixer: Christopher Clark

Press Kit Designer: Alton Breadshaw

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