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We were invited by Coiote Films to create the graphic package for the project "Marcelo Marmelo Martelo", a fun and colorful series by Paramount+ that is based off of the famous writer Ruth Rocha's children's book series with the same name. This time around, we were called in to create not only the graphic package and the logo, but also an animated opening, and the credits. We made sure to match the exciting energy of the show, opting for visuals that would refer to the artistic qualities of children, collages and crafts made by children, which is reflected in the logo and drawings in the credits.


This tactile aspect is reinforced through the use of textures, shaky lines, noise and imperfections, something that speaks to the idea of ​​"do it yourself" predominant in the series, where Marcelo and his friends come up with new ideas and "inventions" all the time. We created a mixed composition of illustration and digital collage highlighting situations and objects from the series in the credits, and for the logo, we tried mimicking the elements in the title with the textures. His name, a soft texture, "Marmalade", a gooey texture, and "Hammer", a hard and wooden texture.

Project Process

In the opening, as these elements and textures move in and out of the frame, other layers are revealed. This constant overlap ensures a continuous flow during the transitions that occur throughout the animation. These characteristics unify the identity of the series as a whole, since the graphic interventions shown during the episodes also follow the same language.


Client: Paramount+

Produced by: Coiote TV

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Graphic Package: Hilda Motion

Animation Director: Iagueira

Motion Graphics and Animation: Iagueira

Producer: Carolina Diniz, Letícia Melo

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