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We were invited to create the the graphic package, including the opening, of the series Olhar Indiscreto (Lady Voyeur), a Netflix series about a talented, voyeuristic hacker who finds herself thrust into a dangerous investigation after her neighbor leaves for a weekend trip.

Olhar Indiscreto

Our goal for the opening was to reflect the full potential of the miniseries, and to reflect the potential of the plot we used the series' two strongest pillars, suspense and sensuality, to set up a sequence of scenes that, using a mixture of cold and warm color treatments, managed to guide the viewer's gaze towards the evolution and construction of the narrative.

Cold Open

We created all of the graphics for the series, involving the creation of different computer monitors, systems and interfaces. It was necessary to work together with the miniseries' in-house editing team to understand how each action would bring even more credibility to the main character. We created the GFXs and sent them to Boson to be applied in each scene.

Project Process

Client: Netflix

Produced by: Mixer Films

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Directors: Luciana de Oliveira, Fabrizia Pinto, Letícia Veiga

Graphic Package: Hilda Motion

Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Art and Motion Director: Thaís Macedo

Motion: Tayllan Soares, Carina Oliveira

Producer: Letícia Mello

Writing Credits: Marcela Citterio, Thais Falcão, Helena Maura, Guilherme Porto, Camila Raffanti, Rodrigo Menecucci

Cast : Débora Nascimento, Emanuelle Araújo. Nikolas Antunes. Angelo Rodrigues, Lane Compton, Sacha Bali, Tóia Ferraz, Tyler Shamy, Renata Guida, Gabriela Moreyra, 

Produced by: Adriana Marques

Cinematography by: Julia Equi, Hugo Takeuchi

Editing by: Guilherme Porto, Helena Maura, Paulão de Barros, Rodrigo Menecucci

Costume Design by: Cristina Kangussu, Joanna Ribas, 

Production Management: Lais Paixão

Assistant Director: Louise Fiedler, Juliana Mileo, Pedro Sgarbi

Sound Department: Henrique Bertol, Matheus Busch, , Eduardo Virmond Lima, Isabelle Marques, Rafael Walter, Tiago Bello, Toco Cerqueira, Caio Guerin, Thais Rizzo, Rafael Gonzaga Cunha, Armando Torres Jr., Taís Botelho, Tatiana Cantalejo, Fernando Russo

Visual Effects by: Antonio Baines, Pedro Figueira, Andre Filho, Sérgio Jacobina, Hugo Lima, Henrique Pacci

Stunts: Renan Medeiros

Camera and Electrical Department: Camila Torres, Flávio Chacal Geromel, João Lira

Casting Department: Alice dos Santos Quintiliano

Costume and Wardrobe Department: Ronaldo Carmo, Camila Pizziolo

Editorial Department: Thaynara Brito, Pedro Capdeville, Fábio Cardoso, Leticia Giffoni, Daniel Ifanger, Pedro Machado, Udney Matheus, Estevão Meneguzzo, Leonardo Oliveira, Matheus Pericão, Alex Reis, Maki Shintate, Gabrielle Souza, Marcus Tenchella, Daniel Torres, Eduardo Aquino, Guilherme Calaça, Renan Cipriano, Samanta Corrêa, Felipe Hortêncio, Eduardo Neves, Mari Beatriz Santos

Location Management: Marcela Zatz

Script and Continuity Department: Fernanda Oliveira, Guilherme Porto, Jp Teixeira, Adriana Rivera, Rachelle Heger, Additional Crew, Luciano Reck

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