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Pico da Neblina is an HBO brazilian television series about drug trafficking, for which we created a gory animation that played on a television during one of the episodes.

Pico da Neblina

We’re proud of the whole process, from the storyboard to the finish line.
And this is the final product, plus a comparison. It was really interesting to see our animation applied on a TV screen inside of a TV show.

Project Process

It was super interesting and it took a lot of research to create something that refers to children's animation but has an important gore aspect to it, which creates a conflicting vibe and illustrates how the main theme of the series is itself a controversial topic. It was also a fake children's animation, since it would be played on a TV on the background of the series.


Client: HBO

Produced by: O2

Animation Production: Hilda Motion


Animation Director: Baboo Matsusaki

Art Director: Zanatta

2D Animation: Zanatta, Diniz, Jojoy

Storyboard Artist: Alessandro de Sá

Producer: Leticia Mello

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